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Shot of the Day
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Sunday, 3 June 2012

We are such deviates

Well it has been a couple of days since the last update, not all my fault though. 
On May 31st we left Wilpena Pound to head off to Marree which is a small town at the start of the Oodnadatta Track. We had a great trip there stopping off at Farina for a while to poke around the ruins. Then onwards to Marree.
Small town is probably making the place sound rather grand, which it is not. 
We checked into the caravan park, which is just a tad more upmarket than bombed out Beirut with the intention of staying 2 nights so that we could head out to Lake Eyre - a 200 k round trip - the next day.
So we wandered off to the pub for a drink and a meal then discovered that the town does not have mobile communications.  So there goes the update of the blog and catching up with emails etc.
Now Marree is one of those towns that never see rain - until May 31st that is.  It bucketed down all night and most of the next day. It is such a load of fun sitting in a camper trailer in the wet.  We did a bit of reading and watched a couple of movies I have on a hard drive, but otherwise it was a loooooooooooooooooooooong day.
We really did not think we would be able to get out along the Oodnadatta Track, the thought of driving all the way back to Port Augusta was not a great thought, but the idea of passing yet another eternity in Marree was as popular as contracting measles.
The track was open and the first 10 k's or so was a quagmire and very slippery but after that it was fine.  We stopped off at Albeprie Creek to look at the most amazing sculptures which include two upturned Beechworth aircraft that form a sort of gateway to an array of junk that has been converted into sculptures.  Some people have too much spare time on their hands!!!
We stopped off at Lake Eyre South which had a fair amount of water in it, then on to Curdimurka Siding which was once an integral part of the old Ghan Railway.  Then on to the mound springs and finally Beresford Siding.  At William Creek we decided not to head onwards to Oodnadatta so we deviated off along an incredibly corrugated road and ended up in Coober Pedy.
Well it was Mikes birthday and we needed to go out somewhere special to celebrate.  Thats our story anyway.
We didn't hang about in Coober Pedy and instead took off this morning and finally arrived here in Alice Springs late this afternoon.  We will be here for about 4 days, but as we have great internet access the blog should be updated quite regularly for a while.

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