Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day
Mulambin Beach, Yeppoon

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gorged out on Gaps

We are now spending our last night in Alice Springs.  We have had 3 great days here.  Our first day was spent shopping, washing etc - all the mundane stuff travellers have to do.
Then we set off to Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm.  Both were fantastic and we even managed to catch the midday sun at the chasm as it lit up both walls.
The afternoon was spent at Desert Park which is a great way to learn about the geography and animals of the Northern Territory.  They put on a great bird show too and we marveled at a Boobook Owl and two incredible Kites as they sped in to catch small morsels of food.  So if you are coming up this way Desert Park is a great place to while away a few hours.
Today we went out to Emily Gap, Jessie Gap and Trephina Gorge.  Both gaps were spectacular but in different ways, but Trephina Gorge was mind blowing.  We did the rim walk of about 2 hours that took us around one side of the gorge then down along the sandy river bed.  Apart from getting lost at one point it was a beautiful walk and the views were to die for.
We finished up the day at Rainbow Valley, about 80 ks out of town.  There is a 20 + kilometer corrugated road into the valley which shakes every bone in your body but to see the rock formations as the sun sets is worth every jolt.
Getting out of there and back to the main road before dark was a real challenge.  So how do you top a day like that?  By going to the pub of course for a couple of beers and a good steak.
Tomorrow we are off to Glen Helen for one night, then 3 nights at Kings Canyon followed by 3 nights at Uluru then 1 night at Chambers Pillar before returning to Alice Springs to stock up for the next part of the trip.

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