Shot of the Day

Shot of the Day
Mulambin Beach, Yeppoon

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The dingoes took our...

Tupperware cereal container and a Lock & Lock biscuit box - rotten sods.  All our food stuff is kept in Lock & Lock which is then stored in a big plastic box, which is kept on top of a camping table.  Yet the #$$%%^ managed to lift out the 2 containers and head for the hills.  They consumed what little cereal there was but could not open the Lock & Lock, just ate a bit of the plastic, gave up and left it for the ants.  Still if that is the worst than can happen.
So where have we been now.  Well, after leaving Alice Springs we headed firstly to Glen Helen Gorge for an overnighter - no mobile, no internet. On the way to Glen Helen we stopped off at Ormiston Gorge and later Redbank Gorge where we rock hopped over rocks and boulders to the very end where there is a lovely rock pool.  It was a bit of a hike getting there but well worth it.
Next morning we took off for Kings Canyon on the Mereenie loop.  Not a bad road for most of the way and only a few corrugations.  We did see a whole herd of camels - there must have been 60 and further down the road we saw a few brumbies. Later in the day we came across a 2m Mulga snake!! Again no mobile reception and no internet.
On our first full day we did the Canyon Rim Walk, about 6 k's in total.  It is a hard climb getting up to the top, then it is easy peasy.  The views are expansive and the rock formations just breathtaking. That took care of most of the day.
Next day we did the Kings Creek walk, a very short walk into Kings Canyon where you get an entirely different perspective of the canyon.  In the afternoon we trotted down to Kathleen Springs which turned out to be an absolute delight.  Yet another gorge with yet another waterhole at the end but entirely different to any others we visited.
So if you think we have been slacking off and just goofing around let me tell you we have walked serious k's,
After Kings Canyon we took to the road again, this time to Uluru - for the old school thats Ayers
Rock.  Yeh, at last mobile reception and internet.
Today we managed to stretch the 3-4 hour base walk out to 4.5 hours whilst we took serious Gb's of photos.
Tomorrow we plan to visit The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and the next day will be out of here, our destination being Chambers Pillar - there definitely will not be mobile or internet there.  After one night there we will head back to Alice Springs for an overnighter and a restock before heading up towards Darwin.
Till then...

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  1. Just what are you mob doing in your spare time??? HaHa! Memories flooding back ... cheers Bruce & Toni