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Shot of the Day
Mulambin Beach, Yeppoon

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wilpena Pound - South Australia

To bring everything up to date....
May 27, 2012
We left Sydney and tried to get as far west as we could, ending up in Narromine.  For a small outback town it has a lot of history attached to it, particularly with aviation.  Their airport has been operating since the early 1900's and has had some very famous people fly in and out, including Kingsford Smith, Ulm and Nancy Bird Walton.  Qantas even used the aerodrome as a training ground from the mid 50's to the mid 70's. There is also a replica of the Wrights No. 4 plane.  This was built by a few local enthusiasts and it has actually flown - not far though, just of the ground and about 100 meters.
May 28, 2012
The early morning temperature in Narromine was just 3 degrees, but as we are now equipped with a heater and with the new mattress and electric blanket we felt no pain.
It was a long drive from Narromine to Broken Hill and was a kind of nothing day.  700k's of endless road.
May 29, 2012 - Today.
Another longish drive today, but at least we are now in South Australia.  Broken Hill was a lot warmer than Narromine this morning, positively a heatwave at 7 degrees.  Driving through South Australia is a bit boring, very scrubby, the occasional sheep, sometimes a cattle sighting and a few emus.  Kangaroos are few and far between, those we have seen have been of the flattened variety.
The highlight (if you can call it that) was stopping off in Peterborough. We had decided we had to have a pie for lunch - we gather they are not popular in town as we could not find one anywhere.  Anyway, we ended up in the old picture theatre, which has been converted into a cafe and yes they had pies, great ones too.  The theatre is set up as a sort of cafe but with a couple of motor bikes inside, old radios, and an old Ford Prefect, just brimming over with memorabillia. 
(Ann, I received your email about Peterborough about an hour after we had left otherwise we would have paid a visit to the place you mentioned).
The first of our deviations has now occurred - we are in Wilpena Pound.  I've never been here before and its years since Mike has visited.  Tomorrow we intend to spend the day doing some of the bush walks and stretching our legs after sitting in the car for 3 days.

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  1. this is so strange, but I just found you @ kazz's blog and we share the same name! AND even wierder, this morning you drove through my home town of BH? Wierd or what???